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Welcome to MY DANCE ASSISTANT (MDA)* web site - online shop!


Here are the dance products, which I created for you.

There are unique and useful MDA gadgets for correct development of initial and improvement of dance skills, as well as educational

video projects, lectures, books. 

MDA products are designed for dancers of all styles and levels, teachers and trainers, judges and parents.

Like Personal Portable Dance Partner MY DANCE ASSISTANT - unique, having no analogues innovative gadgets for dancing without

real partner and competing at Solo MDA Ballroom/Standard competitions.

For more than 50 years I have been dancing and during this time I have gone from  a beginner dancer to an internationally 

recognized and successful specialist who has  brought up dozens of World and European Champions, national champions and

winners of major international competitions.


And this experience allows me to create guaranteed quality products for you to help your dance and personal development.


Only original and high quality MDA products are offered on this web site. All copyrights for products and inventions are patented and protected by law.


Wishing you happy dancing and pleasure from working with MDA products!

Join MDA family now.



With Reverence,


Leonid Pletnev

MDA architect and producer

Founder & owner of AMAZING DANCE WORLD e.U.


* MY DANCE ASSISTANT (MDA) is a brand of Leonid Pletnev, AMAZING DANCE WORLD e.U.

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