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Portable Dance Partner "MY DANCE ASSISTANT"
model MDA/KING 


Tor Fløysvik (Norway) - world top teacher and mentor of champions

Very interesting tool for controlling your upper body weight to never leave the space of which your feet and leg has created.

And also to keep the space of which the lady want to deserve.

Also perfect tool for those with the shape not born for dancing.

I admire you for never giving up energy, Len.

Baihui Art School (China), dance department chief Andy Liang
Our Baihui Art School ordered a big batch of My Dance Assistant gadgets. All our students having regular practice with MDA and we are seeing great progress of their arm, body and head positions. Super device for every dancer!
Anna Alexeeva (Ukraine) -  2022 UK RS Ballroom Championship vice-Champion
MY DANCE ASSISTANT creates physical feelings like dancing with a real partner. 
Just amazing!!
Ivan Sovetov - Valeria Mkrtchian (USA) - Fred Astaire Dance Studios 9 dances Champions

We are using MY DANCE ASSISTANT  tool for teaching Pro-Am students in our FADS Pennsylvania Dance Studio. It's very helpful also at very first stage of dancing education, for very beginners as well as for advanced dancers. All of them enjoying MDA and improving tremendously. Must be in every dance studio!

Ilya Golovchenko (Russia) - 2021 Russian Amateur Ballroom Champion, 2023 Blackpool Rising Stars Professional Ballroom vice-Champion

I think that MDA is a wonderful invention for dancing. I believe it will have huge success because it can be useful and helpful for any dancer in the world. MDA is very light and easy to hold, dancing with it feels very comfortable. The most important is, I think, that MDA gives so much sense to solo dancing providing the right feeling of interaction between partners.
Demo from Jacek Jeschke, multiple Polish and international Champion

Amazing, simple, brilliant equipment that should be in every dancer's bag.
Chongqing Dance Academy (China)

Girls are practicing with MDA gadgets during their Ballroom class and improving their personal skills with huge progress.
Ivan Krylov (Russia) - World and European Professional Ballroom Showdance Champion

The MDA can't replace your real dance partner... but for sure it's great method to help you to achieve better coordination & quality in yourself (your own dancing) ... compact, light & always with you at the practice.

Woiciech Kuzma (Poland) - World and multiple Polish Junior 10 dance Champion

Dancing with MDA gadget was a new and interesting experience for me. It is projected very precise and it is easy to adjust. With possibility of adjustment you can fit it perfectly to your posture and needs. Training with My Dance Assistant helps to deal with many popular mistakes and it is the closest thing to dancing with a partner you can have. I highly recommend this product both for dancers without partners and for couples).

Michael Tang (China) - 2020 UK Amateur Rising Stars Champion

I have received MDA!
I feel great, can be very good to help boys to tighten the frame.
Alexander Borisov (Russia) - 2020 Russian and EADC Amateur Ballroom Champion, Blackpool and UK Rising Stars Vice-Champion.

I was one of the first who tried the MDA simulator. I found it very useful! Due to its design features, the simulator helps to create the correct coordination of the arms position. The simulator serves as a spacer between the left and right hand, which allows you to feel the connection between the arms in the position. The length of the simulator can be adjusted depending on the anthropometric data. One of the elements of the simulator is a belt that is thrown on the back when set in position. It helps to control the direction of arm’s position forward, creating space for the partner's shape, then the belt will be stretched. The  is belt adjustable in length. A nice bonus is the high quality of the product . I can safely advise this simulator to buy! It would be very useful for boys and girls, young and grown ups and also for Pro-Am students!
Florian Österreicher (Austria) - Lower Austrian Amateur Ballroom Champion

I used MDA for the first time a few weeks ago. I was surprised by how good it feels between the hands and how it responds to actions and impulses. Direct mechanical relations give great feedback over work of joints, the quality of your movements and relation to your partner. It helps to structure your training, work on your deficits and improve your strength.
Marko Ilich (Ukraine) - 2021 International Rising Stars Professional  Ballroom Champion, Ukrainian Professional Ballroom Champion. 

Isao Wolvekamp (Netherlands) - multiple Dutch Professional Champion, Dancestudio Isashi. 
Demo of Henry van der Weide.

The MDA is a great tool to help my students to be aware of the right side diagonal connection and connection can be created without power.
Alexander Ostrovsky (Russia) - multiple Russian Grand Prix Professional Ballroom Champion, WDC European Professional Championship finalist.

Alexander Bezkrovniy (Ukraine) - 2021 WDO World Amateur Ballroom Championship finalist,   2023 Blackpool and UK Amateur Ballroom Championship finalist
Dmitriy Lishchuk (Ukraine) - 2022 UK U21 Ballroom Champion
Denis Parfyonov (Ukraine) - Ukrainian Professional Champion,

After viewing all marketing information, I finally get My Dance Assistant by Leonid Pletnev in my hands. MDA is very light and it was very simple to tune it for myself. Dancing with the device was comfortable and safe, and in some ways very similar to dancing with the partner. MDA can help not only to a solo dancers, but make some improvements in leading for couple of competitors. I can recommend My Dance Assistant by Leonid Pletnev to all dancers, men and women, with different age, hight and dance level.
John Cumming (Canada) №2 - Pro-Am student

Hi, Leonid!
The MDA was actually delivered last Wednesday or Thursday. It's a much higher quality product than I expected! It's very solidly built and refined, and the way it folds up and can be stored in the bag is handy. 
Congratulations on getting the new product launched -- that must have been quite a journey from having an idea to having the real thing in your hands! All the best and hope you sell lots of them, and help many dancers around the world improve their craft. It really does help improve my frame and correct my bad habit of collapsing my frame in turns. Thanks again!

Paul Hughes (USA) - Dance instructor in "Steps in Line"

Hello Leonid! Nice evolution of dance frame aids. From clunky bulky one piece to the state of the art MY DANCE ASSISTANT, which elegant streamlined, lightweight, adjustable, foldable and portable for easy transport. Your constant dance companion.

Juris Uzegovs (Hong Kong) - demo of studio student

Very well made. Very easy to use and very helpful, no matter what dance level you are.

Hopefully in near future similar “Assistant” will be available for Ladies.

Baihui Art School (China)
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